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Company Profile


  Chongqing Quan Yue Xiang precision forging Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Banan District of Chongqing Municipality with over 60 million yuan total assets and around 400 employees. Covering an area of 30 hectares, the factory is mainly engaged in the development,  production, sales and service of the products like motorcycles direction Column series, general machinery crankshaft forging billet series, light vehicles and wheel bear outer ring series. At present, the company has five press forging production lines of 630 to 1,600 tons and two precision hot forging production lines of 1600 tons; six machining parts production lines for direction columns and three machining parts production lines for car wheels. The company has formed the production capacity of annual output of 16,000 tons forging, 2,000 tons cast aluminum, 1.5 million auto fittings and 200 to 220 million products of direction columns series with annual sales volume of over 150 million Yuan.
To enhance our core competitiveness, we have gathered over 50 senior management experts and technical specialists. We collaborated with Chongqing Xijiu Consulting (consultants) Management Co. Ltd to establish and implement a systematic, procedural and standardized management model, and implement performance management with adherence to "pragmatic, innovated and developing," and created a new future of development.
The company has established and perfected the quality management system and passed the ISO/9001: 2000 certification, and is planning to proceed ISO/TS16949 system. The complete testing equipment and instrument have provided effective protection to the quality of our products.
To strengthen scientific research and development work, we set up a Technology Center and Tooling Die Center and introduced the PRO / E 3D mechanical design software to realize the CAD adaping product development and mould design, enabling the capacity and speed of the company’s new product development to stand at the head of the industryr.
We adhere to the guide line of "Keep improving; make quality products; pragmatic with honesty, and the pursuit of customer satisfaction," and make continuous improvement with the technological development of China’s car, motorcycles and general machinery industries; and works with unremitting effort for the rising of China’s car, motorcycles and general machinery industries.