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Speech by President

Sincerely thank you for your attention to every friend of Hualan Biotech. Thanks to your understanding and trust, care and support, Hualan is able to develop steadily. Hualan will not bear the weight of care in the biomedical industry to uphold innovation and progress, overcome scientific and technological difficulties, industrial rejuvenation and achieve a new era of glory. In this process, we have not had the slightest slack, always with the spirit of gratitude and professional interpretation of General Secretary Hu told us to "care for life, people-oriented."

We have set up the enterprise spirit of "unity, development, dedication, progressive", using the world's standard technology and equipment, learn from the advanced management experience in technology, scale, management gradually into the forefront of China's biological products industry, Health and well-being of the efforts to start from bit by bit, from the start to upgrade our products and services, building a people-oriented harmonious enterprise and society. We will continue to internationalization, to provide international quality of biological drugs and services for their pride and value orientation.

Care for life, people-oriented, our conviction is to escort human health, and has been working to fulfill the oath: the value of honor, trust and respect, the mission of commitment to the staff; the cooperation of equality and mutual benefit passed to the partners; Fraternity, truth feedback to the community; continue adhering to the "quality and safety assurance credibility" of the quality of purpose. In order to human life and health, I and my colleagues will be diligent stopped working, determined to move!

We are willing to join hands with all the friends, forge ahead in unity, create a better future!